Lately I’ve worked on a new class jsonRPC that you can find and review here:

Using it you will be able to deploy json rpc service in no time here is a quick overview.


Welcome to Adrien a collegue of mine that work on a daily basis with the simpleMVC framework.

He gave me good point of view past months and helped me to make the code better by doing great suggestions. He now will become an official contributor to the framework and the jqueryToolkit project too.

So one again, welcome Adrien

Time has passed since my latests update commits and i’m sorry for that.
Here’s some of the update pushed today:

  • class-db: now you can use named smart params
  • jqueryToolkit: is now capable of autoloading tk plugins and manage context for initPlugins
  • dryCss: some work on evals and functions
  • simpleMVC: langManager is now integrated to the develBar
    new class jsonrpc and a jsonRpc controller

I can assure you that more is to come, i’ll made some important announcements in some weeks ( i think about a month )